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Ten Little Known Facts About Seahorses

Ten Little Known Facts About Seahorses

Seahorses are some of the most fascinating marine life known to man. They come in a wide variety of different colors and have a perplexingly complex shape. Along with being one of the most beautiful sea creatures, they are also some of the most interesting. Here are 10 fascinating and little-known facts about seahorses.

Ten Seahorse Facts:

  1. Male seahorses are the ones that actually get "pregnant." Yep, that's right. When it comes time for seahorses to mate, the female seahorse deposits her eggs in a brood patch on the front facing side of the male seahorse. The male continues to carry the young until the baby seahorses are fully developed and released into the world.
  2. Seahorses are constantly in danger of starving to death. Because of the way their digestive systems are set up, seahorses are in constant search for food in order to survive. They don't have any teeth and they lack stomachs because food passes so quickly through their digestive systems.
  3. A seahorse's fin can flutter as fast as 35 times a second. This is the primary mechanism of movement for the seahorse. Because the fin is relatively small compared to the body of the seahorse, even though it moves very quickly still not very effective at travel.
  4. Seahorses do not have a good body design for swimming. This can actually be problematic for many seahorses if they're caught in torrents or storms. Many seahorses were actually die of exhaustion because they are unable to maintain their position. However, even though they can't swim distances, seahorses are able to move in all directions, making them effective at what they need to do.
  5. Seahorses like to rest. A lot. Seahorses will utilize their conveniently shaped tail in order to latch onto coral or other plants. Because they need to conserve energy to live, they can even be found resting for 2 to 3 days at a time.
  6. There are 53 different known species of seahorses. That's a lot of seahorses! Seahorses can range in color and size, with some of the smallest being 1 inch in length, and some of the largest being 14 inches long. Can you imagine seeing seahorse longer than a foot?
  7. Seahorses typically mate for life. Though common in human beings, this is a seldom seen phenomena with animals. Many seahorses have courtship practices with their mate, including intertwining tales and even changing colors.
  8. Sometimes it seahorses can change color. Many different seahorses are colored and shaped to look somewhat like coral. This allows them to blend into their surroundings, making it hard for predators to eat them. There are some seahorses that can even change their colors according to their surroundings, making them excellent at camouflage tactics.
  9. Many people own seahorses as pets. Though not the easiest fish to maintain, seahorses can successfully be kept as pets if you have the right equipment. Seahorses can make for a very unique and beautiful aquarium.
  10. Seahorses are used by many cultures as traditional medicine. Though this practice has been known for years, is actually the biggest threat to the seahorse species. Great care needs to be taken so that seahorses can remain a beautiful part of our world.

Hopefully there are some facts about seahorses that you didn't previously know. Seahorses are truly majestic creatures and learning about them is always interesting experience.

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