Pet Seahorse

Hippocampus whitei

Hippocampus whitei

The Hippocampus whitei is commonly called White's Seahorse or the Sydney Seahorse

Distribution: New South Wales, Sydney Harbor.

Description: Can grow to 16 cms (adult), Distinctive coronet (high, slopes backwards), prominent eye spines, long snout, prominent eyes, spines throughout.

Coloration: Usually brown, grey to yellowish, brownish net like markings on spines, almost white spots particularly around head.

Optimum Keeping Parameters: Temp 22° C - 24° C; pH 8.2; Salinity sg 1024, Ammonia: Nil; Nitrite: Nil; Nitrates: < 20 ppm.

Other Notes: Is sexually active from 6 months old; will pair bond; brood size between 10-250 (dependent on age and size of parents); average brood size for adults is 100; usually mates between Oct-Jan; can have up to 3 births per year; gestation is approximately 21-25 days; fry born at 8-10 mm, offer Instar II Artemia from birth.

Availability: White's Seahorse is being "captive bred" for the aquarium trade. Could be kept in tank with Pot Bellies, or Knobby Seahorse.

Stocking Densities: It is recommended to stock adults at 1 pair per 30 liters.

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