Pet Seahorse

Hippocampus abdominalis / Hippocampus bleekeri

Hippocampus abdominalis / Hippocampus bleekeri
The Hippocampus abdominalis (Hippocampus bleekeri) commonly called The Pot Bellied or Big Bellied Seahorse.

Distribution: South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales and New Zealand.

Description: Can grow to 30 cms (adult), males have an extremely prominent brood pouch. Often has eye spines and cirri (spikes on head sometimes called fronds, these are more common on males). Has deep body and thick long tail. Large dorsal fin and long snout. Has low crown or coronet

Coloration: Varies from white to yellow, brown and almost red hues. Is often marked with dark spots on head, trunk and tail.

Optimum Keeping Parameters: Temp 19° C - 22° C; pH 8.2; Salinity sg 1024, Ammonia: Nil; Nitrite: Nil; Nitrates: < 20 ppm.

Other Notes: Is sexually active from 6 months old; is not monogamous but will pair bond in the home aquarium; brood size between 5-900 (dependent on age and size of parents); average brood size for adults is 250-300; usually mates between Oct-Jan; gestation is approximately 28-30 days; can have up to 3 births per year; fry born at 14-18 mm capable of eating Instar II Artemia from birth.

Availability: The Pot Belly is being "captive bred" for the aquarium trade and is a good choice for temperate areas.

Stocking Densities: It is recommended to stock adults at 1 pair per 50 liters.

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