Pet Seahorse

Fun Facts About Seahorses

Fun Facts About Seahorses

Looking for more information on seahorses? Here's a really interesting way to learn more about this fascinating species.

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seahorse facts infographic

Here are the top ten reasons why I love seahorses!

1. Seahorses are unique. There are so many attributes about seahorses that set them apart from other sea animals. Even just their shape is fascinating to me!

2. Seahorses change color! They adapt to their environment be changing their color so it makes them harder to be seen by their predators. Seahorses don’t have a lot of natural defenses, but the ability to change color is definitely an amazing attribute.

3. Some seahorses mate for life. Though this is often debated, in normal conditions many seahorses will mate for life. This makes them very different from other animals who aren't monogamous.

4. Seahorses can be kept as pets! Though there is a lot of maintenance required to get them set up properly, seahorses can be kept as pets for all your friends to see. Check out our pet seahorse article for more information.

5. Seahorses are beautiful. To me, they are some of natures finest creations. Seahorses are both unique and iconic for a good reason. They are absolutely majestic.

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